Meaning in the Mundane

“People see God every day; they just don’t recognize him.”- Pearl Bailey

I have always loved this quote and fully agree with its statement.

To achieve this quote and see God in each day, I believe we must first actively pursue a relationship with Him and open our hearts to the opportunities to recognize His presence and His beckoning.

However, I believe that we must also surround ourselves with people who make it easier to see Jesus in each day through loving others and the world around them.

I am fortunate enough to be married to someone who does just that.

Yesterday, I had a stranger in my home, a woman that I barely knew, all because of Andrew. This woman lived down the street from us, and Andrew had befriended her and her daughter on his nightly walks with Dickson.

Walking a dog- such a daily, overall mundane task- yet an opportunity to love others and the world around us.

The woman and her daughter came into our home, met Ann Leland, gave us a gift, and we got to spend fifteen to twenty minutes with them. A rather brief exchange, but again an opportunity to love others and foster relationships.

Don’t misunderstand my point. These two woman obviously loved on us, the new parents, as well. They were very thoughtful to think of us during this special, yet hectic, season in our lives. I was touched by their kind gesture and gift.

However, I was also touched and appreciated the way that Andrew loves our neighbors and the world around him. He had obviously made an impression on these women in his brief exchanges with them while walking the dog.

I was convicted of my own heart and thought process when I am the one walking the dog. When I am walking Dickson, my constant prayer around the block is, “Lord Jesus, please do not let any little children come out of their homes or walk down the street towards us as Dickson will inevitably humiliate me, snarl at the children, make a jerk of us both, and put us on the neighborhood watch.” While this is somewhat facetious, my worrying over the dog’s actions can sometimes cloud my opportunities to interact with those around me and cause me to miss the potential to see Him in my surroundings.

Additionally, I often feel that we miss these daily opportunities and windows to love others and be an image of Christ because we set our eyes on larger, and in our mind more grandiose, ways to serve. We accomplish this service through mission trips, tithing and charitable donations, serving at church and community events, etc. While these are all wonderful and necessary ways to love and serve our world, we often glaze over the mundane daily tasks. We frequently forget that we can see God in every day, even in walking our dog.

I am so thankful for Andrew’s heart for others and his daily interactions with our neighbors. I am thankful that he takes the mundane daily tasks and seizes them as opportunities to see Jesus and show Him to others. I am thankful for the relationships that come from these encounters and the ability to have people in our home to develop these friendships. For while the brief encounters can make all the difference and plant a seed, relationships that grow from these encounters are where we are able to water and cultivate the seeds that we plant with others, where we can continue to love those around us.

Therefore, in your life, surround yourself with people who love others.  Surround yourself with people who have a heart for the world. Surround yourself with people who challenge you to dig deeper. Surround yourself with people who make it easier to see Jesus in each day. More importantly, be that person in the lives of your family, your friends, your colleagues, and your neighbors.

Even more so, wherever you are in your world, in your job, in your school, in your neighborhood, in your home, find meaning in the mundane. Find the opportunity in the ordinary. Find a way to love others and the world around you in the simple, every day tasks that we often so easily glaze over.

Find a way to see God in every day; He’s there, but you just may not be recognizing Him.


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