Your Job is Complete

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Little girl, you are six weeks old now; I can’t believe it. Time is escaping me.

This week, we are working on your smile, and it’s been one of the best job duties that I’ve ever had. It’s amazing what Mama will do in order to see you smile. (Thank the Lord your daddy says that he does not watch the security cameras while he is at work, or I would never hear the end of it). I know that as time continues, more and more of your sweet personality will emerge. Reflecting back on my childhood, that can be a somewhat scary thought as I left quite the trail of embarrassing breadcrumbs for your Z to hastily pick up at the most inopportune times. Maybe you will have more of a filter than me, maybe.

However, if I pay close enough attention, there are tiny glimpses and pearls of your personality poking through the surface now. I can tell that you are going to have your daddy’s sense of humor already. (We are truly in for a ride the next 18+ years if this is the case.)

You were only a week old, and it was the day your “Z” was leaving to go home. I was futilely trying not to cry as she was packing up, so I busied myself with changing your diaper. She sat down beside us, and you obviously found it best to create as large of a diaper gift as possible before she departed. With tears in the corner of my eyes, I began cleaning you off, and you chose to impart a tiny glimpse of that humor as you released additional material all over my hand, forearm, and your changing pad. This was the first, and since then only, time you have done this, and from the shock of the moment alone, I started laughing. Z chimed in, and there sat two sleep-deprived women, in the middle of the floor, laughing over their daughter and granddaughter. Your job was complete.

While this seems to be a rather silly and less aesthetically pleasing story, I cannot help but think God knew exactly what He was doing when He sent me you. I have heard people state before that God intentionally places certain people in our lives and that He gives you the people that you need. I whole-heartedly agree with this statement as I definitely received the parents that I needed, long-term, intentional friends who have balanced my crazy scales, and particular people in specific situations that have served their temporary roles and purposes to enhance my life. Yet, of all the characteristics God knows that I need, He sends abundant humor into my life, at just the right moments.

I still remember the first time I heard your dad laugh, knowing then that I was potentially in trouble. From the rather amusing day that we met until now, he never ceases to make me laugh. Likewise, from your first week of life on, you are already creating laughter and bringing me that God-delivered humor at just the right moments.

As your mom, I hope that one day you feel that your dad and me were the parents that you needed, that you felt loved and knew love, and that we helped you on your journey and pointed you the correct way. However, I can already tell you that God knew that I so desperately needed you. He knew that while you are the child, you will teach me more about myself, more about life, and more about love than I will possibly teach you. He knew that you will challenge me and mold me more into the wife, mom, and woman that I hope to be.

I cannot wait to watch you as you grow and watch as you, most likely, continue to impart this abundant humor so easily, just like your dad. I cannot wait to see all of the people that God intentionally places in your paths and how they help balance your scales and enhance your life. I cannot wait to learn and see what characteristics you need in your life at just the right moments.

However, until then, please stay as little as possible, know that I love you, and know that even in these days where you are simply trying to stay awake and comprehend the great big world around you, you are adding immense joy and abundant humor to my life, and in these moments and fleeting days, your job is complete.

5 thoughts on “Your Job is Complete

  1. Oh, I just love this so much. Our babies grow up too fast. I wish time would slow down a little. Always cherish them and give them lots of love and hugs and kisses. This is such a beautiful testament of your love for your little one.

  2. It’s truly wonderful and heart wrenching to see you child grow from a newborn to having smiles to eventually walking. It brings you both pride and sorrow to know your child is growing up.

  3. Enjoy it because time goes SO FAST. My husband and I argue because he says he hates the infant stage because they are basically just potatoes that poop. I agree with you that if you pay close attention, that little personality will sparkle through even right after birth. It only gets more fun from here. Have fun!

  4. This is so sweet. One day she will be 16 reading her mama’s heart felt post and cherishing it for her lifetime. Thank you for taking the time to share your precious moments with us. It does go fast soak up all the little moments and each smile.

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